House Rules

Many of these house rules haven’t been thoroughly playtested like the game itself, however, that doesn’t mean they’re not fun. If you have a House Rule of your own, you can submit one here.

+ Forest Floor

Forage cards should be spread out all over the table like leaves on a forest floor. Everyone can easily Forage at the same time, rather than pull from a shuffled deck.

  • Submitted by Dean L.

+ Zombile Mode

After a player dies, when any bone pile is found, the most recently dead player resurrects with a hunger for flesh. Zombie players are immune to weather events and madness, get one free forage card per day, cannot heal themselves with plant-based foods, cannot use any craft items, and they must give any non-meat cards to living players. Just before dawn (and after the Madness phase), Zombie players each choose an unsheltered player to attack. This person loses 1 Heart per attacker, but can use a single weapon to defend against multiple zombies (after all attacks it will break, if it is not reusable). Any player killed by a zombie becomes a zombie. Zombies win when all players are either dead or zombies themselves.

  • Submitted by David C.

+ Basket Burning

If you find yourself with no Wood, and want to build a fire, you can sacrafice a Basket in lieu of a Wood card.

  • Submitted by David C.

+ Fibrous Fire

Players can use a Fiber card for a chance to build a Fire. When a Fiber card is discarded for this event, the Fire Token is flipped. If the Fire Token shows a fire, than you were able to light a fire, otherwise, it was ineffective.

  • Submitted by Nathan L.

+ Donner Party

If a player dies, the rest of the players may divide their Heart tokens among themselves. However, if the living players happen to find 4 Bone Pile cards, the dead players automatically rise and take back their own hearts plus 1 further Heart token from every player who ate them. Works best with longer games (20+ Nights)

  • Submitted by David C.

+ Flight of the Phoenix

Same as normal rules, except there is no Rescue card, as the objective is to build a plane from the old plane's parts. This requires 4 Fiber, 4 Stone, 4 Wood, and 4 bone piles to be stockpiled. Cycle through the Night deck until everyone is dead or the plane is built.

  • Submitted by David C.

+ 2-Player Variant

For 2 players, each has 9 hearts instead of 6. Difficulty remains the same. Quite challenging even with 8 night cards.

  • Submitted by Chauncey M.

+ Competitive Play

In competitive play, each player is trying to out live one another. Only 1 player can be rescued from Ravine in this version. Before starting, remove all Wreckage cards and place in the box, they're not needed.

Just like in normal play, you can use a crafted weapons to defend or attack another player. You may attack someone whenever you'd like. Share resources when you feel it's necessary to survive. You may need to do so to build a Fire or help someone you've formed an alliance with.

Circulate through all the Night cards until there is only 1 person left.

+ It's a trap!

When four bone pile cards are in play, the players may make a trap from the bones. In the event of an animal attack the bone cards are thrown in the air. If more than half land face up, the trap is successful and the animal attack is thwarted.

  • Submitted by Jimmy B.

+ Stone Age

Stone can be thrown at any animal or human. To apply this House Rule take a Stone you found while Foraging and flip the card in the air. If it lands with the Stone facing up, you successfully hit the target. If the back of the card (green side) is up, you completely missed the target, and lose your stone Forge card and any original damage is applied. You may also not use a spear after using the Stone unsuccessfully.

  • Submitted by Ethan

+ Spoilage

Any dead animal found during Foraging must be discarded after 2 nights due to the meat rotting.

  • Submitted by Hannah R.

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