Below are some frequently asked questions. If you still need some help, feel free to shoot us a message here.

Ravine - Base Game

+ Can a player have more than 1 active Madness Card?

Yes, players can have multiple Madness cards in play until they resolve them.

+ Do cards that destroy shelters also destroy Wreckage card reusable shelters?

No, they do not.

+ Do you have to Forage on your turn?

No, you may choose to stay at camp.

+ Can you give someone a Spear or any other weapon when being attacked while Foraging?

No, you must have the weapon in your hand before you Forage to be able to protect yourself.

+ If you come across a Mushroom, Moose, or any other "Uh-oh" card, do you need to play it immediatly?

Yes, as soon as you realize you have any of those cards in your hand, you must do as the card says.

+ Can "The Cave" get destroyed?

No, The Cave cannot be destroyed, it's permanent shelter throughout the game.

+ How do I make the game even harder?

To make Ravine even harder you can increase the number of Nights, reduce the number of Heart tokens you start with (5 rather than 6), and/or remove The Cave, The Deer, and The Score Night cards from the deck entirely.

+ Is there somewhere I can find a breakdown of all the cards in the game?

Yes, you can find a spreadshee here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18h-8hTepncwLbB3DAgGS-3E3dMZ7Qqzv2NuXfBKS6x8/


Ravine Expansion: The Spirits

+ Are Spirits considered dead players for base game Madness cards?

No they're not considered dead players.